About Us

With a German background, Optima design centers on luxury and refinement. We engineer out products to offer function without compromising aesthetics. We are forefront pioneer in utilizing heat formation since the very first original iPhone and iPad cases. Our products incorporate the best of the features, ease of use, high quality, yet offer unsurpassed value to our customers. Our mission has always been to deliver great products at affordable prices.

At Optima, customer satisfaction is our utmost concern. Your input and feedback are the most invaluable resources to us. We have branch offices across Europe and Asia to serve your needs. We welcome you to inquire about our products and see the difference from your very own perspective. Our mission is to help our customers. At Optima, we listen..

Our designs enhance the value of high end devices. We are able to offer a lifestyle position and react quickly to the demands of ever-changing technologies. Made with an eye for stylish functionality, Optima products are designed to fit your lifestyle, not the other way around.

We are meticulous in materials selection and form factor design to enhance and preserve the value of high end devices. We fine pick materials and differentiate ourselves by providing the finest materials and craftsmanship; whether it be leather, synthetic leather, fabric, polycarbonate, or even packaging materials.

All our products, from raw-material to final packaging have been carefully selected, we use recycled and/or naturally bio-degradable materials whenever possible. In manufacturing of our products, we carefully monitor and act accordingly to RoHS standards to eliminate the use of hazardous substances during production. At Optima, we are committed and responsible not only on aesthetics, but also on durablity and reusablity.