Slim Catenella Series

For iPad mini3

Never Out Of Fashion

Now it’s time to dress up your iPad with a knit-like patterned case. This case can protect your iPad from scratches just like how clothes protect you from the cold. It will not only bring you warmth from the bottom of the heart, but also let you keep up with the trend. A bold new range of colors enlivens rigid shape and traditional texture. With this case, you will catch everyone’s eye and be one-of-a-kind.

The cover converts to a versatile stand offering a variety of viewing angles to keep you comfortable. We combined convenience and protection to fulfill your every need.


  • Stilvolle Schutzhülle ganz umhüllt mit Kunstleder
  • Klappbare Frontabdeckung ermöglicht mehrere Blickwinkel
    hochwertiges Kunstleder
  • Mikrofaserinnenfutter zum Schutz des Bildschirms vor Verschleiß, Reibungen und Kratzern
  • Erlaubt Zugang auf alle Anschlüsse, Sensoren und Eingänge
  • Schlafmodus durch das Schließen der Schutzhülle einzuleiten, das spart Strom.

Material: Synthetic Leather , Microfiber

Size: 20.3 cm x 14cm x 1.3cm

Weight: 140g